Outreach Event Sept 2023

From John Mckay, Indigenous Cultural Program Lead, 1JustCity
“On behalf of Elder Mike, Audrey and myself we were so honoured to present on Seven Sacred Teachings and Truth and Reconciliation. You have a wonderful Church and congregation! 
In the Spirit of Loving the under-loved!

Again a Big thank you 

Anne’s Thankyou
I would like to thank the 54 people who joined us in the auditorium to hear and witness so many new ways to view reconciliation and why we all need to understand in a good way. What can we do?

  • Volunteer
  • Active reconciliation
  • Do something positive
  • Attend/support the Oak Table annual fundraiser on October 18th

This event was successful because you were willing to help out. I would like to give special thanks to the following people; Charlotte Lindsay, Sonja Lundstrom. Helle Wilson, Fred Cross, David Wreford, Cecilia Salcedo, Kelvin Koots, Peter Brehaut, Allison Koots.
Anne Grewar
Chair, Outreach Group