Minister and staff

Rev. Karen Lumley

An Ontarioian by birth, Saskatchewanian by choice and a Manitoban of the last several years, Karen comes from an ecumenical background having grown up in the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, worked in the Baptist Church and then transferred into the United Church. Karen has studied at The Canadian Bible College in Regina, Canadian Theological School in Regina, St. Andrew’s College in Saskatoon, and Centre for Christian Studies in Winnipeg.

Karen has worked with children and youth as Minister of Christian Education in a Team Ministry at Lakeview United Church, Regina, Saskatchewan. Karen had a long time pastoral relationship of 15 years at Lakeview United Church prior to accepting a call to come to Winnipeg to Northend Stella Community Ministry where she was the Community Minister (Diaconal Minister) and Director of the Ministry. She accepted a call to the Rainbow Ministry position (half time) and was the Community Minister at Northend (half time).

In June 2009, Karen accepted a call to ministry at St. Andrew’s River Heights United Church in Winnipeg. At St. Andrew’s she was in a team ministry working with the children, youth, outreach, pastoral care and always a bit of this, that and the other thing. Karen’s love for children and youth ministry, social justice and equality for all are reasons why she accepted the call to St. Andrews.  The changing church called Karen into the role  as the Minister of Word, Sacrament and Pastoral Care.  Like many churches team ministry a thing of the past .

Karen loves long walks with her partner Colette (married in 2005) and their four-legged friend (a shih tzu named Maddie). She also loves motorcycling and has traveled across Canada and the United States to the Mexican border on a motorcycle. Often times  she rides her bicycle to work. Karen’s journey and path is always followed by much laughter which is contagious to others. She is not known for her quietness but is known as being one who loves to be with people.

Other Staff:

Office Manager – Charlotte Lindsay

Treasurer – Bill Craddock

Caretaker – Cecilia Echeverria Salcedo