Hours of worship

Please join us each week for Sunday worship and Sunday School at 10:30 am.  New families are always welcome!

We gather Sunday mornings to celebrate God’s presence and to seek God’s purpose for us, and for God’s world. Worship is an encounter with the Holy presence bringing hope, challenge, renewal, courage, strength, joy and peace. We meet God as we discover God’s word for us: in Christian Scriptures; through the Sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper that unite us with Jesus Christ; through the gifts of sacred music that is historical, modern and contemporary, offering praise by our senior, junior and youth choirs; through the quiet intimacy of prayer; through challenging and evocative preaching; and through the joyful fellowship of Christians with one another.

We strongly encourage that those who attend have been fully vaccinated (young children who as yet can’t be vaccinated are of course welcome).

As you can expect, there will be some differences from the usual routine. You will be familiar with these basics.

  • -Face masks will be required as you enter the building. A reminder to use hand sanitizer when you enter.
  • -We are requesting that you enter through the Kingsway St. (east side) door. Only those with mobility issues who require use of the elevator should enter through the Oak St. entrance.
  • -A Greeter will welcome you at a desk in the narthex to record your attendance. It just allows us to keep a record of all attenders in case any follow-up contact were required.
  • -An Usher will then escort you to a sanctuary seat. A seating plan is in place to mark ‘Usable’ sanctuary seats to ensure appropriate social distancing.

Appropriate exiting at the conclusion of the service is important. Exiting one pew row at a time will be supervised by the Ushers. Health regulations prevent mingling with refreshments after the service.

We may feel church is different, it is!  We may feel it is too rigid, just remember we are doing all of these things for the safety of us all.  Jesus calls us to be love one another let us love one another by doing all we can to keep each other safe.

Our service is recorded weekly and uploaded to our Youtube Channel for those who missed Sunday service!

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