study groups

Bible Study

Our bible study group meets on Friday mornings at 9:15am in the Lounge, but is now on hiatus until Friday, October 13, 2017.  New participants are always welcome! Questions? Please call Rev. Cathy Kinsman at 204-488-1130.

 St. Andrew’s Book Club

For our summer reading, we have chosen The Break by Katherena Vermette. This is written by a Winnipeg author and is a national best seller, having won various awards and being a selection on CBC’s Canada Reads this year. It was praised by the Toronto Star as “a stark portrayal of the adversity that plagues First Nations women in this country – – and the strength that helps them survive.” The group decided to change our meeting time to 1:00 pm and we will meet in the church lounge on Wednesday, September 6.

It has been suggested that we take a more focused approach to our book club such as a focus on First Nations writing and issues in our future book choices. There are a number of reading lists which we could use to inform this project. Please think about this over the summer and we’ll discuss the idea at our September meeting.

The Way of Discernment

The Way of Discernement has now come to an end after 10 weeks of small group gathering. The group consisted of Margaret Pratt, Joan Wilton, Jannell Plouffe, Tammy Bleue and Rev. Cathy. There were several folks who were interested in being a part of this small group, but Wednesday evening was not a fit for them. We hope to offer a more introductory group along these same lines following Thanksgiving. The topic for this small group will be Embracing the Journey: The Way of Christ. This group would gather for 6 weeks and look at topics such as:

~ The Christian Life as a Journey

~ The Nature of Christian Spiritual Life

~ The Flow and Means of Grace

~ Sharing Journeys of Faith

~ Living as a Covenant Community

Please speak to any of the people listed above who were involved in the Way of Discernment for more details. This is NOT a bible study – it is a spiritual formation group.  We will focus on deep questions – how is God working in my life? How is God working in the world?  What is God calling me to in my journey of life and faith? Speak to Rev. Cathy if you have any preference for time or day and we will do our best to accommodate as many as possible.