1The Basement Bookstore is open Thursdays from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. All books are donated and the proceeds go to the church. Paperbacks cost $1.00, hard covers cost $2.00 and large books cost $5.00. There are many current and popular titles.

In the Basement Bookstore you can find books about art, crafts and painting your house. I also have biographies, Canadiana, classics, comedy, cookbooks, dictionaries, health and medicine, mysteries, non-fiction, novels, plays, poetry, travel and children’s books (picture books for toddlers and early readers and chapter books for older readers.

Although a person may not be there to assist you, please feel free to browse and buy.

MMM Sale — M for May, M for Mother’s Day, and M for Murder: Come to the Basement Bookstore on Thursday, May 3 and Thursday, May 10. Refresh your reading and get some new books for spring. Consider these: Regeneration, The Summer of Me, Beach St. Bakery, A House in the Sky, even Mother’s Day, or Murder Duet, The Murder Book, The Sudoku Puzzle Murders, The Murderer’s Daughter. There will be something MMM yummy available. See you soon!