St. Andrew’s River Heights United Church Foundation

“Our Foundation, Our Future”

The History:

The Foundation was created in 1975 and was established at that time with the monies received from the sale of the church manses and from some additional gifts at the time.

The objective was, and continues to be, to receive donations, bequests and memorial gifts in trust to the church, and to manage the trust fund to produce income and to preserve capital in perpetuity for the work and mission of St. Andrew’s River Heights United Church.

All funds are invested with professional investment advice and a minimum of 80% of the annual income earned on the capital is paid to St. Andrew’s River Heights United Church each year.

Ways to give support:

Support of the Foundation is not a complicated process. In addition to gifts of cash or cheques, some other methods of giving include:

  • Planned giving in your Will,
  • A gift of a life insurance policy or annuity,
  • A gift of your RRSPs or RRIF’s,
  • A gift of a marketable security.

Note: Gifts of shares in Canadian companies receive a more favourable tax treatment with respect to capital gains.

All gifts to the Foundation receive a tax receipt and are deductible as charitable donations. Gifts large and small will make a difference for the future of St. Andrew’s, so please consider giving. An endowment gift is a statement of hope – an act of faith in the future of the church and its mission in the community and the world. No matter what form your gift takes, it will help bring Christ’s vital and vibrant message of love and hope to others.

Our Future:

An endowment is an enduring gift that will provide income to all areas of church work for years to come. Having our Foundation established provides a natural place for receiving legacy gifts from members who want to see the work of the church continue undisturbed into the future. A strong endowment fund can enhance the freedom of the congregation for expanded mission and service to both the community around us and the world beyond. A strong endowment fund can function to expand the mission and vision of the congregation and provide stimulus for renewal and revitalization. A strong endowment fund also provides a degree of stability when there are drastic changes in the economy or demographic changes that affect the dollar amount of normal annual giving to the church. North Whitehead said, “Wise people plant trees under whose branches they will never sit.” Planned gifts, also called legacy gifts, provide resources for ministry into future generations. As we approach our 100 anniversary in the fall of 2015, please ask yourself if it is important to you for St. Andrew’s River Heights United Church to be here for another 100 years, serving our families, our community and the world. If a strong future for St. Andrew’s is important to you please consider giving today.