Church council & groups

The current Church Council consists of the following:

Chair – Anne Grewar

Vice-Chair – Rob Siddall

Past-Chair – Paul Webster

Ministry & Personnel Chair – Michael Duncan

Treasurer – Bill Craddock

Acting Secretary – Lisa Richards

Minister – Rev. Karen Lumley

The following church groups will report to members of the Church Council:


Anna Blair Circle

Caring Community (Chair – Vacant)

Christian Education (Chair – Vacant)

Fellowship (Chair – Betty Jubinville)

Finance (Chair – Vacant)

Nominating (Chair – Anne Grewar)

Outreach (Chair – Vacant)

Property & Administration (Acting Chairs – Gord Shawcross & John Swan)

Foundation (Chair – Deborah Metcalfe until November 2021)

Stewardship (Chair – Greg Fearn)

Worship (Acting Chair – Ruth McKenzie)